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Pax I House

Our prototype home and flagship floorplan
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The best of both centuries: Walls of glass, beamed ceilings, and an iconic low-slung roof honor the mid-century aesthetic. An all-electric, carbon-neutral energy system, universal design features and flexible, double-wing floorplan bring the house into right now, and on into the future.

Available Properties

Located in California’s San Joaquin Valley

None at this time.

Jodi Fitzpatrick
Pax Domus Founder


Pax Domus translates from Latin literally as “peace house.” But its actual meaning is “house peace.” That’s an important distinction. The first refers to an object, the second to a state of being. Pax Domus is what we want you to experience when you live in one of our homes.

We set out to build a beautiful, well-constructed dwelling that related harmoniously to its neighborhood and nurtured and inspired its inhabitants. We also saw the possibility to do more. 

If a house could be made 100-percent electric, produce all the energy it requires from its solar system and maybe even power an electric car, it would contribute to a future where dependence on fossil fuels—and the foreign strife and pollution this creates—no longer exists. 

If we incorporated features like one-story plans, wide doorways, sleek support bars and curb-less showers, amenities that support the body at any age, a Pax Domus house would be one you never had to leave. 

If we made the floorplans generous and flexible, several generations of family would be able to combine households harmoniously. This would also allow the homes to be high-functioning live/work spaces, with rent-free office space and no commute. Both of these features would increase family and personal quality of life, as well as net worth. 

If we worked with local architects and designers and the most skilled and experienced subcontractors, the finished home would be a tribute to regional design and workmanship. It would contribute to the integrity and history of the community and retain its value year after year.  

These possibilities inspired us to found Pax Domus.

We’d like to extend an opportunity for you to invest in this experience of “house peace.” By doing so, you’ll be making a commitment to architecture, family, community and a future we all want to see.